Unmanned Aerial System

One stop UAS solution for civil and military applications

UAV is multipurpose modular fixed-wing UAV with a wide range of options and payloads to fit any mission and operational environment. It is a combat-proven solution that has been officially on service in many country.

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Rapidly customize you UAV platform on-the-go wherever you are

Drone with conventional takeoff and landing

Catapult launch and parachute recovery

VTOL drone


  • Choose platform and payloads that you need now and get upgrades as you grow PD-1 multi-purpose platform can be quickly adjusted to current mission right in the field.
  • Combat-proven solution which is on service in Ukrainian Army
  • Advanced anti-jamming and encryption techonolgies
  • Ready for land and maritime operations
  • Cost-effective - reduce operational, training, servicing costs by using AP PD-1 unified UAV platform 
  • Industry-leading 2 months lead-time
  • ITAR - free product
  • We can offer technology transfer and start drone production line and service center in your country 

Advanced payloads

PD-1 UAV can carry a wide range of different payloads. The standard equipment includes a USG-212 EO/IR gimbal or USG-211 EO gimbal. Both camera gimbals feature 30x optical zoom, digital video stabilization, and target tracking. Furthermore, there is still enough space in the payload area to carry a secondary payload, such as a high-resolution photo camera, SAR radar, radio repeater, etc.

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Advanced propulsion system

PD-1 UAV is equipped with a quiet and reliable 61 CC 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine with a 100 W electric generator system that can power up all equipment onboard during the flight. In addition, there is an engine remote start system that can automatically start the engine in any condition.
Electric fuel injection upgrade is available for maximum performance and adds 15% more endurance. The engine unit can be easily replaced, so you don't have to interrupt drone operations for engine maintenance or overhaul. RPM, temperature, and fuel level sensors are included in the basic configuration.


Same aircraft, different configurations. Just choose whatever current mission requires.


No runway needed
Hover ability
Take off from any place
Able to take off from the ship


Longer endurance
Higher service ceiling
More payload weight
Requires runway


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