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Data relay in air (Optional)

When Two AP PA-1 are lifted into the air, one is used as a relay station for signal receiving platform at high altitude, and the other one is for normal
missions. Correct deployment can ensure the realization of 60-100km ultra-long-distance image and control datalink in complex terrain areas. 

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Landing In different places

Landing site can be different from the take-off site
and by accurately plan the site coordinates and height information of the landing site, to allow the aircraft perform an autonomous landing process in a remote location 

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Moving plantform landing(Optional)

By setting up a unique mobile positioning module on the moving platform it can update/synchronize aircraft with platform position information in real time, so that it can synchronously follow the continuously moving position coordinates, so as to perform take-off and landing actions on a continuously moving platform.

​Autopilot Features

 Surveillance tasks

High-resolution EO and thermal imaging for day/night surveillance Moving targets tracking and by intelligent follow-up logic to ensure that the target does not exceed the optical monitoring range.
Targets outside the range are pursued in a straight line, and the flight
altitude is kept in consistent.
Target position is displayed in the satellite map panel of the ground station in real time.
With the target location indicator, the overall situation is clear at a glance. Point touch the ground target or location in the real-time screen, and you can fly to it.  

Moving platform take-off and landing

Real-time synchronization of the moving position to achieve precise guidance or landing.
It is suitable for three-dimensional positioning of the horizontal and height positions of moving platforms landing such as vehicles and ships.
The centimeter-level precise ground station interface monitors the
landing and docking status in real time

Flight Inspection

Pre-flight inspection 

Clear self-inspection indicators, complete parameters, fully self-inspected avionics
Manual physical inspection prompts a complete and
comprehensive inspection list to improve flight reliability.
Self-inspected report will be generated automatically
Self-Inspection records will be saved for each flight.

Terrain follow

The highest point in the target area is automatically
sampled as the baseline to ensure flight safety.
The altitude collection interval is automatically adjusted to ensure reliable flight while eliminating complicated manual operations.
Routes are automatically generated, and can be individually and manually modified.

Routine inspection planning

A single route can plan up to 1,800 way points, adapting to various complex terrain and airspace environments.
It is suitable for regular and fixed inspection missions of the team to improve standardization and data consistency.
The route planning can be stored, and it is convenient for  normalized and repeated use.

Remote monitoring and collaboration

Through the Internet connection, the remote pilot can fully operate and monitor the flight platform for flight missions
Realizing remote command, training, demonstration operations, and technical assistance

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Synchronous webcast

The video imaging collected by aircraft are transmitted to the remote command center through Internet streaming technology, live broadcast the situation on the front line, and provide instant information reference for the command work

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Target vision follow

According to the real-time imaging streamed by the EO, you can directly click on the
vehicle, building, and location in the screen to control, so that the aircraft can reach
the target location and continue to monitor


6h  Practical        endurance      

400km max. mileage

100 km image transmission

7500m practical ceiling

6kg max payload


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