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Professional drone solutions for border surveillance of thousands of km

Why Drone?

for border securty

The traditional approach to border monitoring includes surveillance by video cameras, ground sensors, land vehicles, and manned aircraft but these have become quite inadequate. There is a need to identify challenges which a country encounters across the varying border conditions and introduce a framework to address these challenges. To ensure seamlessness in the legitimate movement of people and goods across the borders, the adoption of new technologies for border control and surveillance is of paramount importance.

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Advanced payloads

carry a wide range of different payloads, which can be quickly replaced thanks to the modular design of the drone. Double-axes camera gimbals are gyro-stabilized and remotely controlled in directions of the flight.
Payload types:
● Daylight payload EO;
● Thermal camera payload;
● High-resolution photo payload.

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Easy to transport

Our UAS is shipped in light and impact-resistant plastic cases that contain all the necessary components of the system. Small dimensions and low weight make it possible to transport it in a van or SUV.The control system consists of a ground control station, antennas, and a manual remote control unit.

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Ground Control


Connect to 3.Party System

Drone can send all datas to 3. party systems. 


Takeoff and landing

Bungee start and belly landing or parachute



In the case of GNSS or control signals loss


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